Backing up your RaspberryPi SD card via OS X

This week I got a RaspberryPi to play around with at home. I found instructions to put the Raspbian image file onto the SD card that I bought using a article over at Got me up and going quick with a basic linux installation. I still have to go through and set up a […]

Symfony 2 Entity Timestamps with Doctrine.

I have a love hate relationship with Symfony. The love started with Symfony 1.0, the hate started with the release of 1.2 Things that were simple and elegant in Symfony 1.0 became monsters in later versions of 1.x. I decided to give another PHP framework a try, but nothing was as elegant as what I […]

Bootpress: Bootstrap based theme for WordPress

Recently I had started a contract for a company who was doing a rebuild of one of their products. They had decided long before I had joined the team to use the CSS/Javascript development tools from

Accessing all your google calendars on iOS5

I am trying to figure out the best solution for calendaring for my wife and myself. Often she’ll make plans, and tell me and well I won’t put it in a calendar. I’ll just forget about it. I don’t make plans weeks in advance, I make them a few days in advance. I thought fine, […]

Paypal IPN Listener class.

I’ve only used Paypal IPN a couple times. Both time were in systems where the IPN was already set up. It didn’t take much work for me to actually do anything from there. I am working on a new WordPress module. Part of which includes functionality where I needed to do some paypal processing. While […]

Using iPhone 4 Facetime to call Internationally.

I currently live in Japan. Most of my friends are back in the USA. Luckily I have the internet. If not for the Internet I think I’d go stir crazy, plus I have no idea what I’d do for work. Anyway, many of my friends and family back home have the latest iPhones. I too […]

Being illiterate.

I am writing this because I am illiterate. You probably think I’m insane, since no illiterate person would know how to write an article. I am however not insane. I may be literate when it comes to reading and writing english, but when it comes to the language of Japan where I am currently living […]

Liberal vs Conservative rhetoric? Can we be grown ups now?

This post has taken a while to come to a head. I try not to get into political conversations because when I do I get emotional. 20 years ago it was easy enough to stay away from but with the spawning of the internet age and social media it has been harder and harder not […]

What on earth are your rates?!?!

Tonight my wife asked me about pilates in the US, and some other thing called gyrotonics. She wanted to try them in the US. The reasoning being she felt that pilates and gyrotonic in Japan were not the same as in the US. She had seen this with ballet in Japan. I went onto google […]

Movie Review – Karigurashi no Arrietti” or.. “The Borrower Arrietty”

I’ve been a fan of Ghibli films for a long time. I have most of the ones released on DVD in my collection, and have enjoyed watching them over and over. The artwork is always incredible, the stories are always interesting, and this usually keeps me coming back for more. “Karigurashi no Arrietti” is the […]